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Cracked screen

Star III
After just a few months, I already broke the screen...
But the way it happened is what really dissapoints me: The phone slipped out of my hand and hit my WOODEN FLOOR, and the main glass under the screenprotector shattered and the screen itself. Wooden floors are not supposed to break glass. This just shows how weak gorilla glass 6 is when it comes to impacts, and shows how bad LCD screens are. I used both the case that comes with the phone and a screen protector, but the main glass and screen still broke...
So now i have to send it to my insurance company so they can find some way to get it repaired since litterally not a single store in Norway is able to repair it. At least in half of it...
On the next zenfone I would like if you changed the LCD to at least AMOLED and use gorilla glass 5, or a strenghtened version of gorilla glass 6.

Star III

This why I always use a good flip case.

Haven't cracked a phone ever, not even my old Xiaomi Mi Max, which was too big for my pockets, and was falling out several times a week.

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I did use flip cases on all of my phones until the 6z, because i could not find a single store in norway who sold one, just the basic plastic case. But when or if i get it back fixed i will buy one from ebay or something after seeing how weak the glass and screen was...