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battery charging intervals

Star II
Hello. Does anyone explain to me how the choice of battery charging intervals works or how it should work?

 I set a time slot and connected the charger.

 The battery has recharged as if nothing had happened, not caring about the set time intervals.

 I'm confused

Star II
I understand, then why do I see the notices I attach?

 As you can see from the icons, both scheduled and quick charge are active ...

 In addition, despite the fact that there are several hours to the end of the scheduled recharge, Power master tells me that the battery will be fully charged in just over an hour.

 I have already cleared the cache but it has been useless.

 Is there no way to turn off fast charging?

Star II
Dear, in the first image the system informs me that the recharge will be finished in 1 hours and 5 minutes, while the recharge should be completed 7 hours later. in the second image the system informs me that if I leave the phone charging longer than necessary, the battery can be damaged. in the third image the system informs me that the recharge will be completed sooner than I have set it up. all this despite smart charging being active. Am I the only one who thinks it's weird? I don't want to set the recharge percentage. I want to make sure that the scheduled recharge ends at the set time and not before.