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asus 6z 6/64 restart issue

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Does asus 6z of 6gb ram and 64 gb storage is facing restart issue all the other variant facing the issue?
i had been faced it 2 times of 2 asus 6z devices what about others


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@Anders_ASUS so above statements confirms that all previous units were and are faulty ?? Still no confirmation from asus what was wrong and for which devices?? because all previous units were faulty...i am not sure why asus is not calling them back? if u noticed few phones were running fine on pie for months and suddenly after android 10 they started showing restart hardware issue so it confirms all units are faulty and we are just on mercy of god with 6z and later and sooner all units will have this issue. And everyone knows the sevice centre quality of asus...u need months time to get replace and what would happen after 1 year we would have to throw our devices in garbagebin?

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We have been open from the beginning that some units have hardware issue. It's not like the issue is by design and that everyone has this issue. It's like when producing CPU's with variating yield rate, only this is much more complicated because some of the issues only show after weeks of use. We have made changes in our factory to catch devices with issues that are easier to spot but those devices with hardware defects that are harder to detect will still slip through. This has nothing to do with which Android version you're on. All manufacturers have failing devices but the failure rate on ZenFone 6 with the restart issue was well above normal. If we knew from the beginning what we know now, then we would have had a normal failure rate and it would never have been recognized as "the restart issue" it would just have been a couple of user reports here and there. Nothing out of the ordinary. If you haven't encountered any unexpected restarts by now, then you have nothing to worry about