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Zenfone 5Z Main Camera Issue

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Did anyone experience recently any issue with the camera?
It takes ages to load and sometimes it is stuck in black screen, when I want to scan qr it just freezes and does not allow me to do anything.

Front Camera seems working fine, specially when I am required to take selfie for some apps.
I tried stop camera, reset cache and delete files, reboot, and even now factory reset.
I am like 8 out 10 attempts does not work.

I am running with latest Jan 5 2021 security patch and Software WW_100.10.107.123_20210131, but issue appear way after I did upgrade, so I do not suspect upgrade issue.

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Hi japp
Thank you for your asking. Kindly refer to steps below as "Factory Reset" 
Settings>System>Reset options>Erase all data(factory reset)

If the situation remains the same after performed Factory Reset, according to what you described, please contact ASUS repair center in the country of your residence for further hardware checking:
If it is impossible to access the service center during Covid-19 period, please try CallUs:
Please backup before you submit the device to the repair center
[Phone] How to back up the data stored in your phone ? | Official Support | ASUS Global