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Zenfone 5 Problem with video recording

Hi asus, My zenfone 5 is experiencing video recording problem. I can't record video after I updated my software to WW_16_0610_1901_74. Even though I clear my camera app data and cache I still can't record video. I hope that it will be fix with the next update. Thank you

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Last edited by Emilee_ASUS on 2019/1/29 13:41 Hi gadgetxaddict17, Good day. Have you tried to restore the camera app to a check? ( settings > apps & notifications > see all apps> app info> camera > storage & memory >clear data and cache.) If this problem still appears, please show me your camera app version and this error screenshot when you encounter this problem. Could you also tell me which place do you save the photos/ videos? Thank you. 🙂

Hi, I tried clearing my camera app data and cache but the problem still appears, I still can't record videos. But capturing photo is ok. I'm saving my photos and videos in my sd card. I also tried saving it to my internal storage but still can't record videos. Thanks

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Hi gadgetxaddict17, Sorry for my late reply. I don't find out this problem in the latest system version. Please kindly update the system to the latest WW- v16.0611.1901.1 for a check. Thank you.

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I've the same problem which my phone!