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Screen issues

Star III
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_V16.0615.1912.115
Frequency of Occurrence: constant
Rooted: No
APP Name: Twin Apps

Good morning everyone!I have serious problems with using whatsapp by twin apps. I have no way to make a screen recording, because there is no exact time that I can make a screenshot that shows such a problem. It may take all day to get it. What happens: When playing, watching, or simply unlocking your smartphone, this happens: Do you know when you alt + tab your computer keyboard to change the program that is open on the screen? This same problem occurs. Apps don't close, but it's a very annoying bug that occurs. Already made the update, cleaned all possible apps and system too and nothing solved. I've done factory restoration, and nothing. I have the latest firmware update.Can developers pay attention to this? Because the problem is becoming more and more constant, hindering what I'm doing, even when I'm working with the smartphone, making use of it for such.

Zen Master I
Hi aj.santos1984, Do you mean this problem happens with the WhatsApp twin app? When using this app, or unlock screen, the app switches to another app? Could you describe what kind of error occurs? Please tell us your WhatsApp version. Thanks for your help.

Star III
Last edited by aj.santos1984 on 2020/1/17 14:10 Hello Jei_ASUS! It does not change, it just appears as if it were avery fast shadow, but I identify that it is WhatsApp, because the header isgreen and below that whitish color. But it is very fast, but depending on whatyou are doing, it is scary, because it is something that occurs suddenly. I usethe latest version of WhatsApp (alpha version) downloaded from PlayStore. Imanaged to solve this by chance by changing the default launcher. I believe theproblem is in conjunction with the launcher from Asus and Twin apps.