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One second delay drives me crazy/Zenfone 5z/Multi touch problem

Rising Star I
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While playing the Moba game, the touch screen is not detected for 1,2 second, it drives me crazy. 😕
processor gpu ram on paper well ... I still looking for screen experience improvement
Please stabilize this screen multi touch % 100

Community Legend II

Yet, nothing guaranteed as support is ending.

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Yes support is still ON for 5z and anders sir have already confirmed support will not end until n unless touch issue n battery issues are not fixed
So lets hope they keep up there words n have full faith in anders sir mod he will surely make this happen so nothing to worry ! 😊

Rising Star I
Yeah the touch problem seems to occur for me at times . Random screen freezes followed by ghost touches . It seems to go away after a while after screen off ..

Community Legend II
Hi friends
Please update your firmware version to WW- first. If the issue remains the same, I may need your logs and video in V87 and V99 for further checking. Thank you.