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Horrible update on zenfone 5

On this new update, on your zenfone will lose the notch wen you drag down de android news menu, and you cant turn this off, making the design looking very ugly. Hated. It. Anyone know how to fix this? Thx

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denstino posted on 2019/1/21 12:10 I think that's okay... Look more clean without notch when drag down the notification panel
In my opinion it should be a desired effect for those who have hidden the notch or who has applied a dark theme. Personal I prefer not having the black bar, but it's absolutely not a big deal

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That soo ugly, ASUS you shoud done it for who hide the notch "Not" for the one who love the notchhh....

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yeah, by following hide notch option will be good, but i like this new behavior, makes status bar icon looks clean

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Last edited by Emilee_ASUS on 2019/1/24 14:39 Hi mrgustavohendrix Good day. Do you mean the notch should show on while you roll down the notification panel if you turn on the" hide notch"? Could you tell me which firmware version are you currently on? Thank you.