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5Z Update to Android 10 - a couple of little problems s...

Rising Star I
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: ww_100_04.44.98_20191115
Frequency of Occurrence: once
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by srota on 2019/12/1 12:20 5Z Update to Android 10 - overall good results, a couple of little problems solved. Just to share some findings , in case other users will encounter the same little problems. I updated the phone downloading the Android 10 version ww. from the AsusTek web link: The updating process went smooth. Problem with Contacts: when the phone restarted I noted that opening the contacts, names and addresses were not visible. Moving to the dark background and moving back to the light background, names become again readable. Problem is solved. Essentially color of the fonts beame initally white on a white background, characters were no more visible. Problem with SD card . After the upgrade, the SD card was recognised, with all the files in it well readable in the Data Manager . Following a phone reboot the card was no more visible in the Data Manager. Rebooting again the phone, the card became again visible. Currently no problem with SD card. Few issues with Widgets: it seems to me that few Widgets are not working well, perhaps it is a matter of learning from my side. No big issues in any case. Microsoft Apps all working, very well: I have installed Edge, OneDrive, Outlook, Office, Microsoft Weather : all work fine, very fast. WhatsApp: working very well. That is all from my side.

Zen Master I
The multi/ghost-touch issues are solved?

Rising Star I
Bruno~xD posted on 2019/12/1 04:56 The multi/ghost-touch issues are solved?
Multi/ghost touch issues: I am not experiencing these issues. I understand that ghost touch issues are the terms used when the screen responds to presses that the user is not actually making, or when there is a section of the screen that is unresponsive. I am not facing these issues so far .

Zen Master I
srota posted on 2019/12/1 06:25 Multi/ghost touch issues: I am not experiencing these issues. I understand that ghost touch issue ...
Hey, srota! Thank you for the reply. The multi/ghost-issue happens mostly when gaming. But it can be tested through this application: MultiTouch Tester. When you place two or three fingers, it adds one more touch in a random position of the screen. Could you do this test in your device?

Star I
And what about battery life? On Android 9 I had more then 5 hours SOT. On Android 10 I have less than 4. First 10% battery after charging drops in 5 minutes. Do you have same issue?