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USB Type A-to-C cable for connecting to PC

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Hi guys. New owner of the Zenfone 10 here. Super excited since it'll be the first time I get to use a high-spec phone.

I overlooked the fact that the charging cable is C-to-C. My question is, can I just grab any generic A-to-C cable from the shops to do the job? I'm a tech simpleton, so my concern stems from potentially damaging the phone through a shoddy cable from certain brands. If that's not something to worry about, then I can rest easy with this minor setback. Much appreciated!


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Hello neder
Don't worry, you can actually use any other USB-C cable to charge your phone, including A-to-C cables. Pay attention to the quality of the cables you use, this can have an impact on the file transfer or charging speeds (likewise if you use another charger), but it's unlikely to actually damage your phone.