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[BUG] Main menu widget blocks swiping up/down

Star III

As I can't delete my previous thread.

Widget on main menu blocks accessing Notification bar and app drawer. See attached video.

I did reboot and it worked as it should but then after a while again problem appeared.

I did two more reboots and it didn't help.

Then I shut down and powered on phone and it started to work normally. See video in reply as I can only attach one file.


Star III

Video of it working normally after shutting down phone.

Hey @Ershin,
Has the issue reoccurred ever since?

Hey @Mansi_ASUS 

Yesterday all day was ok. Today I just woke up after sleeping, pick up phone and it no longer works. Exactly same situation as seen  in first video.

I love the design, size, but with amount of bugs (this, brightness sensor not working) I encounter I start to think of returning this phone, can't be fighting for basic functions 😐

After 3 hours it again works normally (except for side screen), I didn't reboot or do anything else🥲