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Zenbook S 13 (UM5302) Battery Health Charging Bug

Star III
System: Zenbook S 13
Battery or AC: Both
Model: UM5302
Frequency of occurrence: on every stand-by
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video: not applicable
Detailed description:
As the title states, the Battery Health Charging option is not working correctly.
I have it currently set to stop charging at 60%. This worked out fine the first time I've used it, meaning that the system let the battery drain when plugged in to 60% and didn't charge it further when it reached that level. However, as soon as I close the lid (i.e. putting the system in standby), the feature is somehow deactivated. When waking the system, I find that the battery charged itself again to 100%, and the laptop runs on battery power until reaching 60% like before.
This is quite frustrating, as this does not prevent the quicker battery degradation, it rather facilitates it.
Does anybody else have this issue? What can be done to prevent this unwanted behavior?
I'd appreciate any input in resolving this..

Hello 7adm  and thank you for reaching out.
May I ask if your full model name is UM5302TA and if your Battery Health Charging is configured through MyASUS? 
If so, please make sure both MyASUS and the ASUS System Control Interface v3 have been updated to the latest version.
Thank you.

Star III
Is there even any other version than the UM5302TA?
In any case, the System Info in MyASUS states that I run the UM5302TA.310 Bios, so I think it should be the correct model. The model number on the underside of the Laptop is "UM5302T", the original packaging has "UM5302TA-LV254W" printed as the exact type.
According to the website I've ordered it from (, the laptop supports Battery Health Charging. The model number is again stated with "UM5302TA-LV254W".
MyASUS Version:
ASUS System Control Interface Version:
I think those are the most recent versions.
Again: The battery health charging works, but only when the laptop is powered on. As soon as it is in standby, the settings are being ignored. I reckon it's either a software or firmware error...
I hope this can be resolved quickly, as it is a rather infuriating bug.


OK, since I haven't received any useful advice on here in this matter, I've decided to contact the (German) ASUS Support via telephone.

The answer that they've given me has left me somewhat baffled and speechless:

Turns out that (according to them) the Battery Health Charging is entirely dependent on the MyASUS app on the Windows System. This means that as soon as the system is in standby or powered off, the application is not available and the settings are being ignored - by design!

I cannot fathom how one can engineer such a useless feature... What good does it do to have it only work on a powered on system?? I am not using my laptop 24/7, there are times when I go to sleep as well. Or does ASUS think that people leave their laptops powered on indefinitely?

I can't think of any other manufacturer who designs their battery charging limit that way, be it Lenovo, Dell, Dynabook or even Huawei, they all are capable to write those settings into the Bios or the battery itself, so it works independent from the PC power-state.

Does ASUS design this "feature" like that, to make more money with the replacement of unnecessarily worn out batteries?

Please, can anybody share their experience with battery health charging? Is this true of every ASUS laptop? I somehow still can't believe it to be true...

I also just got a new UM5302TA and I'm observing the exact same behaviour using the latest firmware/software versions. If this is the expected behaviour, then I agree that this is extremely poor engineering from ASUS. The Maximum Lifespan mode description literally states that it's intended for use when the charger is always plugged in, but the way it works right now renders this feature virtually useless.