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Zenbook Pro 16X OLED (UX7602Z) touchpad acting crazy

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I am facing strange issue with touchpad on windows 11 , while moving mouse its keep clicking,selecting ,closing and opening files.
I tried the folowin but noting helped :

1- update windows
2- format and reinstall windows
3-reset touchpad from windows - systems .
4-install the latest driver from asus support.

any idea ?


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lookup asus touchpad problems

also i read asus is the "only" major laptop manufacturer that doesn't use EMI shielding under their touchpad which causes all these issues

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Please check if the AC adapter connector is loose (marked in the image below: A-power cord plug / B-outlet side plug / C-NB side AC jack), or you can try connecting to different outlets. Please check if the adapter or cable is damaged. If there is any damage, please contact ASUS service center for further information




I have the same problem and it's infuriating 

Hello, @bobobob thank you for reaching out.
Could you please provide the full model name (for example, FA506IH), the BIOS version, and details of the situation?
Please refer to [Notebook] Troubleshooting - How to fix the Touchpad abnormal problems for troubleshooting the touchpad problem you might have first.

Thank you.