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UX582 i7/16gb/rtx3070 - Horrible Everyday Performance - Please read before buying

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System: UX582
Battery or AC: AC
Model: UX582
Frequency of occurrence: Constant
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description: I want everyone to heed my warning about this laptop. When running both screens at 4k (their default settings) the operating system is extremely sluggish, you will never get a smooth performance. When trying to resize the windows, the animations will be choppy and run at 5fps. Incredibly jarring experience. What's worse is you cannot let the OS run from the RTX 3070 so you're stuck with the intel garbage.

Furthermore, running chrome on this laptop (even with hardware acceleration and running on RTX3070)... it is extremely sluggish. I attached a photo of it trying to run a 4k video (Forza 5 Trailer) it misses half frames at 4k 60fps. This doesn't paint the whole picture, it struggles in lower resolutions as well.

This is a very expensive laptop and i'm shocked with its performance. Never again.


Star I
Hi Richie,
I am about to go out and pick up the same machine today but reading your comments have got me thinking if I really should plonk so much money on this Laptop. Is it really that bad ?