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UX333FN stuttering while light gaming

System: Win10 Pro 64
Battery or AC: AC
Model: UX333FN
Frequency of occurrence: Always after 2-3 minutes of gaming
Detailed description:Hi all, I've got this unfortunate issue since not long after I bought the PC and it is becoming quite annoying to be honest.
Every time I play a game (always while plugged to AC), the frame rate is good but after 2-3 minutes of playing the PC starts stuttering making the game totally unplayable (single digit FPS).
I know this is not a gaming PC at all of course so I'm not referring to brand new nor resource intensive games: just to name a few titles, IL2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover from 2017, MXGP Pro from 2018, Mud Runner from 2017, Cold Waters from 2017.
I'm running all of these to the bare minimum graphic settings but no way.
The only games that run ok are the ones without 3D graphics altogether, such as the Close Combat series or Command Modern Operations.
I already tried several actions such as tweaking the power profile to get the maximum performances possible or, in the opposite direction, reduced the load on the CPU with tools like Throttlestop but to no avail.
I also tried to address all the possible common causes of poor performances, e.g. updated the drivers and BIOS, deactivated windows exploit protection and antivirus software but again no results.
Is anyone able to help here? The alternative will be anticipating the disposal of this PC and buy something a bit more tailored for gaming, even though a gaming laptop seems an overkill for what I'm trying to play.


I forgot to add: the laptop just came back from technical assistance to have its battery replaced in warranty (but after shipping it they told me battery is not covered by warranty so I had to pay, thanks Asus).
In any case the current Windows installation is a clean one from a couple of months ago performed by professionals.