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Please make a laptop with the better screen and lower power i5 next time

Star I

I got the Q409Z because I didn't want to have another 1080 laptop.  I was scared to get the i5-1240P because 28 watts TDP is crazy in a ultrathin -  and I was right...   Heat on this laptop is terrible, the fans are annoying, it's hot on your lap when doing almost nothing, etc.   50-60C

Please stop this, use the L line of 15w  i5s with better screens,



Hello, @joshuaemerson and thank you for reaching out.

Could you please provide the full model name of the laptop? for example, Q490ZA.

May I inquire as to the application you use to measure the actual temperature?
If possible, please provide screenshots of the temperature measurement results.

When the temperature is abnormal, are there other abnormalities such as freezing or a blue screen?
Does the temperature abnormality occur only when specific software is running?

Thank you.