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My laptop speaker is making buzzed sound and crick

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Hello,  suleman__47 and thank you for reaching out.

Could you please provide full the model name (for example, FA506IH), the BIOS version, and details of the situation? 

May I ask if the abnormal sound is caused by specific software or does it happen all the time when booting on the laptop? Will the sound persist if an external earphone or speaker is connected?

Thank you.

No it happened when in am using speakers of my laptop if i use other speakers that is good my laptop speaker are making buzzing sounds when I am playing any media in my laptop and it is happening since i brought it the day i brought from store it was good till a week after that it started making buzzing sound when ever i playing any media in my laptop and my model number of laptop is ZenBook Duo UX482EA

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As the audio enhancement algorithm is implemented on your laptop, any error in the algorithm filter may be outputted to the speaker making a faint buzzing noise when the speaker volume is low. This is a normal phenomenon and does not indicate an issue with your device.




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