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Dealer Cheated ? Warranty problem

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Hi asus 

I just bought Asus Zenbook Duo 14 Oled on 26 January 2024 from Authorized Dealer in Indonesia. 

They said Brandnew and never unboxing

They gave me UX842EAR 

After i try to registered my product number . Its said my Zenbook already registered on 19 september 2022 and will expired on 19 september 2024 . Now left 8 month warranty

They are explained to me that asus did registered it when send to indonesia

And my warranty still 2 years just keep the purchased invoice .

Please Help explain to me 

Should i returned it ?



Star I

Added evidence

1. If they give me old stock , for sure i will make a big complain cause i already ask the new model and latest version

2. I hope asus help solve this problem

If your provided description is accurate, I would suggest you communicate with the retailer to confirm the possibility of a refund or exchange.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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From your posted text, you said "UX842ear", but in your attached picture, I saw "UX482ear".  Two different models. 

There is my model, "UX8402ze", the price is higher than the model UX482ear. So you can check how much you paid for what you have bought.  I am sure that UX482ear is not a 2024 product. If that is an old model (2022), it should be a new one, unboxed and not already registered.