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Asus Zenbook Flip UX360C display replacement questions regarding resolution

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System: Asus Zenbook Flip UX360C
Detailed description: The touch digitizer on my Asus Zenbook Flip UX360C is cracked. The touch functionality no longer works and the crack is visible on the screen. I would like to replace it. I've researched, and while just replacing the touch digitizer is cheaper, there are risks involved that I'd rather not take. So, I'm going to buy the screen + digitizer assembly. Here's the questions:
My laptop has a 1920x1080 screen. The source that I'm buying from charges $4 extra for the 3200x1800 screen than for the 1920x1080 screen. Is the 3200x1800 screen compatible with my laptop (UX360C), or were there specific hardware or connector changes for that screen? And if it is compatible, is there any reason to not go with the 3200x1800 screen? Such as, does it drastically reduce battery life, or are there known issues with that screen, etc.?
Thanks in advance!