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Asus UX425J flickering and stuck screen during video talk with many people when on AC

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System: Windows 10 home 64 bit
Battery or AC: AC
Model: Asus UX425J
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS: no, but it is a new OS
Screenshot or video: cannot reproduce properly
Detailed description:
Firmware release date: 20201028
Firmware Version: UX425JA.304
Processor: Intel Core i5-1035G1
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics
x2 thunderbolt, 1 USB 3.2-A
Memory: 16 GB

Dear Ladies and Gents
Fresh laptop, new installation. I also installed all latest firmwares and drivers. Everything seems to be fast enough.
Issue: when on charge (via the thunderbolt interface) and having facebook or other type of video chat with more than 3 people, the 3D GPU load goes really high and after that the screen starts partially flickering/blinking and/or stuck. I cannot reproduce the issue with more people due to privacy reasons. Please check the attached video and find partially blinking/flicker example at the beginning and at 10 seconds. Now imagine that with more people the blinking is continuous, screen frequently stuck and video chat is useless.
Please help me if you can because soon I need to bring back the laptop for being able to get back its price.
Thanks in advance!


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Hello erisara,
May we clarify the scenario with more detail?
The issue only happens under AC mode? and only when video calling? and when only more than 3 people (include 3 people)?
Do you have anther browser other than firefox to try?
or you may use other independent video calling apps like skype, zoom or Microsoft teams, does it have the same issue?
Can I have the screenshot of your task manager as well? the one you see GPU load went high.
Thank you.

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Hi Blake_Asus,
Sorry for not replying but actually I gave back the laptop already.
The issue happened only when it was under AC mode. And only during video calling.
The issue happened with 1 person on call as well (this is what I simulated in the video) but the screen totally stuck when more people was there. It was tried out with firefox and with chrome as well. With Zoom and with facebook.
With the video I wanted to show you that only the GPU load goes high. Always only the GPU load went high.
And what I didn't dare to try out before I gave back the laptop is to attach another brand of charger. You know this laptop has only thunderbolt interface to charge with. This technology as I know is faster than USB-C as it directly connects to the main message bus. But this is also its painpoint that any device that is connecting to it, must be carefully designed. Maybe the charger created unwatned interrupts on the main bus or created electronic noise?
I hope you find the root cause of the fault because otherwise I really liked this laptop and it was faultless.

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I can confirm that the Intel UHD graphic card on the UX581GV laptop also goes crazy in video callings. I have just finished a call on Webex from browser with a person, and the integrated GPU stayed above 60% all the time.

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Hello erisara,
Thank you for the detail response and concern.
I have reported them all.