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Asus laptops selling process

Star I
I have been using dell laptops and today felt need to change my laptop and look for a new laptop.
Someone asked me to check Asus and i visited your website of Asus India.
Straight question : What is this sale process ?.Are you selling tomatoes and onions or laptops ?.
Your site has links for amazon,flipkart.Where is your ownership ??.
After sales its clear after 7 days flipkart will say no to return.
Have you taken care to tell customer even of specifications ??.Any good budget laptop you keep ??.All painted silver stuff fooling and befooling customers to best.All i5,8 gens and rough names of models ,searching same on your website yield no results !!!
No specifications if laptop is metal or non metal.All the more plastic bodies coated with silver and laptops screens jerking on opening.
Keep aside laptops,i moved to Zenbook series.Zenbook 14,13 .Most weird configurations.Selling i5,8 gen laptops in 2020 ??.The one with i7 using DDR3 rams.
Sorry you are a hopeless company Asus..I would love to speak to your sales people to understand how you think india to be as your market ?.Pl call me at 9810362342.