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VivoBook S15 camera stop and drivers not found

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Model: Vivo S15
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes
Description: Camera stopped functioning and not list in device manager
Battery or AC: AC
System: Windows 10

Hi Asus Fans, I am looking for help on my Vivobook S15 for the onboard camera. It was working fine and perform facial recognition for logons and suddenly stopped. Device manager shows no camera and can't find any new devices. The E-Support (pre loaded) for ASUS has nothing in it that pertains to the camera. I've checked on line for drivers according to my model but they don't do anything. I've checked the support documents and try to follow the reinstall directions but again nothing in E Support pertains. Not sure what else to try - any leads would be great. Steve

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as per my knowledge, there is no seperate camera driver provided by asus. default camera driver is builtin by microsoft

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Hello SNEAKY52, Have you tried the route below? eSupport>eDriver>Software>Driver>DCH>Offline>Camera Thank you.

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Mine was because F10 key had been accidentally turning the camera off.

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very good kit for me. I really aprecieate