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Updating the driver

Rising Star II

I received a driver update via the windows Update center.


How do I find out which specific driver has been updated?


Laptop Model ASUS Vivobook PRO 14X N7400PC


Okay, so be it.

But how do you find out for which specific component an update has arrived?


After all, if after updating some component glitches/BSOD/bugs, etc. begin to occur, it will be difficult to determine who exactly is to blame!

Moreover, updates are installed in the background and do not always require a reboot.
And what’s more, you don’t always notice that some driver has been updated from Windows Update.

It's suggested to take a screenshot of the screen when updates are received. If any issues occur during subsequent use, you can provide relevant information for us to investigate. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Yesterday an update arrived for some Intel component:

Intel - SoftwareComponent - 2408.5.4.0

And I can’t even imagine what this component is...

Rising Star II

@Falcon_ASUS  ???


The update "Intel - SoftwareComponent - 2408.5.4.0" is likely related to Intel's Dynamic Tuning technology, 
If you want to obtain more detailed information, we recommend contacting Intel for further inquiries. 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.