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Extraneous sound in sleep mode

Rising Star II

On Thursday I reinstalled Windows. And after reinstalling, I noticed that after switching to sleep, there is an extraneous sound in the form of a cod (as if something is shortening).

This extraneous sound is clearly audible in a quiet room!

Even after a long stay in sleep mode, the sound does not disappear anywhere ...

Before reinstalling Windows, I disabled the VMD in the BIOS.

After reinstalling and finding extraneous sound, I tried to reinstall the Intel Management Engine Interface (from asus website)
- It did not help.

Before reinstalling Windows, I did not observe extraneous sounds in sleep mode.

In working order, no extraneous sounds!

Notebook model N7400PC.

Drivers / Bios installed from the site asus.



Could it be the sound of electric current? 
Since we cannot confirm the actual condition of your laptop, maybe you can consider taking the laptop to our repair center for further confirmation. 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Yes, it sounds like electricity.

Rising Star II

@Falcon_ASUSIn general, they didn’t want to take my laptop to the SC, explaining that this is how transistors / resistors work (well, or something from this series, I don’t understand them), and this is normal.
Or rather, they said that we can take it, but they will return it to you without doing anything (well, except for diagnostics), due to the fact that there is no problem ...

I would suggest that you can record the situation when the problem occurs and provide it to the repair center for confirmation. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.