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My Zenfone 5Q won't connect to Mobile carrier for data, only WiFi works, even after a Factory Reset

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My Zenfone 5Q won't connect to Mobile carrier for data, only WiFi works, even after a Factory Reset ?
Any Ideas ?
Other wise the phone works great.
Thanks, Harvey

Hey @HarveyM
Thank you for reaching out! Can you give us more info on when this started happening (ex: after an update), what mobile carrier you're using, and if you have tried using another SIM card? Thank you!

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It started about a month ago and I am not sure if it was after an update.
I am with TelCel in Mexico, I have been to their service twice already.
First time they removed the sim, and reinstalled, rebooted, work fine in their store.
I got home, not working
Second time they checked the sim was latest model and was fine. Worked in their store
Back home, NOT working again.
Did a back up, then Factory Reset !
Still not working ?????
Hope I don't need new phone
Thank you

This is odd! If you have an additional phone, can you try to insert the same sim card to see if it works in your home?
You can also try troubleshooting it by turning on Airplane mode for 30 secs then turning it off. If it still doesn't work turn your data off, turn airplane mode back on, turn your phone off, leave it for a minute, turn it on, turn off airplane mode, wait 30 sec, and turn the data on.
If none of this works, unfortunately, you will need to reach out to the service center or call your carrier for additional troubleshooting inside your home.
Thank you!
Soporte técnico oficial | ASUS México

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