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ROG Phone 8 trigger

Star II

I currently have a black shark 5 Pro and thinking of changing to ASUS ROG phone 8 24GB RAM. The most important issue for me are triggers and the black shark ones funtion flawlwessly on PUBG but the phone itself is not that fast.

Are triggers on ROG phone 8 pro causing problems? do you recomend me bying this Not-Cheap phone if my only interest is for triggers to funtion flawlessly on PUBG or COD?

Thanks for the recommendations.





Our ROG phones have gained a reputation for their cutting-edge AirTrigger technology, which proves exceptionally valuable in gaming scenarios such as Call of Duty (COD) or FPS games, where precise controls significantly elevate the overall gaming experience. The ROG 8 comes equipped with built-in AirTrigger controls, providing unparalleled fingertip game control akin to a console-like experience. These controls support a diverse array of gestures, including Dual Action, Press and Lift, and Gyroscope Aiming. With the ROG 8, you can seize maximum control over your gaming experience.


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Thanks for the manual information. I beleive that the page is plenty of users that complains on the phone 8 triggers different from any previous Rog Phone ones. And since there is no refund if I miss shootings I believe that I have to wait till I try it for free myself and decide to buy, but living in Pamplona (Spain) it is almost impossible so I will stay with what I already have in hand that I know its triggers functions properly.

Need some users to comment on that and give me their opinion.

I made a full evaluation of the phone, check it out:


Hope it helps you.