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Zenfone Max Shot A001D ZB634KL Bluetooth AptX Codec not working

Star II
So I recently bought a pair of tws earbuds from Edifier, the Edifier X3. They have support for SBC and AptX Codecs, the reviews I've read praised their sound quality but I wasn't getting the resolution and instrument separation the reviews talked about! Then I tested in my Girlfriend's LG phone and there it was! After investigating a little, I found out, if I go to developer Settings, on my Zenfone, it shows it's using the SBC codec. If i try to manually change it to AptX nothing happens, it just stays at SBC. On the LG phone it clearly states AptX though, so the earbuds are clearly AptX Compatible. (I'm still at the Android 9 Update tough, using the Brazilian variant that didn't get the Android 10 update)
BTW if you know how I can override my phone's firmware to accept the US Android 10 ROM I'd be glad if youtold me how! Thanks.

Rising Star II
@voy.marcos não há atualização para Android 10 ainda para este modelo.
If you prefer in English, please let me know!