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Security Risks? Help!

Star I
1. Notification panel can be accessed even when screen is locked.
2. Power settings can be played with even when screen is locked.
A scenario which will prove that the list above is a security risk, say one day you get mugged, they got your new ROG phone 2 that you saved for a long time. Now these rufians will make sure you or the police wont be able to trace there whereabouts, first they turn off the phones location just by simply accessing the notification panel. OR. They immediately turn off your phone which can be conveiniently done by holding the lock button.

Is there any setting that I don't know about that would avoid these scenarios? please help. If not, I sincerely hope that the devs would notice these security risks and do something about it.

Hall of Fame III
You're talking about the quick menu. This is the same behaviour as a Pixel phone and it doesn't matter if the perpetrator turns your phone off. As soon as he turns it back on, it will be transmitting it's position, unless it happens in a bunker.
The inconvenience of not being able to power off/restart is bigger than the security risk since you would have to wait for the battery to drain if your phone ever freezes. There in that moment when you really need to restart your phone, you wouldn't care about the security risk and since the phone is locked to your Google account, the conclusion is that this is the best balance between security and convenience.