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Rog Phone 2 Black screen and power off while Charging

Star III
My Rog phone 2 automatically power off while Charging I face this issue for past 3 days while charging than phone
Then while playing Pubg my mobile temperature is 39° and than phone freez and automatically reboot than device
I can't play a single game properly whith my most awarded game smartphone of the year 2019
After the latest update this typer of issues are happening so please fix those issues
I bought this phone for playing eSports tournament on PUBG Mobile but I can't play a single game properly
Give us a good software update to fix all those issues


Star II
Same problem here. ASUS what are you doing to fix this?

Star II
Same swithcoff problem useless brand even went to service centre no proper reply .waste of money.worst customer service and worst phone in my life history.i won't choose asus products again

Star II
Finally throwing my rog 2 on trash can 11.11.2020

Star I
I've been facing similar issues intermittently since the end of Aug, 2020. Now compounded with unusual battery drainage. With the current Covid pandemic, it is next to impossible to get to the nearest service center which is in Guwahati/Kolkata, as there are zero in our state. And then there's the uncertainty of solution even after going through the trouble of travelling to these places.
I took a leap of faith and deviate from my usual practice of going for products of well-established companies. Now I'm doubtful of my decision after facing all these issues within the 1st year itself.

Star III
@HyperBot where do u stay?