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I have rog 2, 8 gb varient and i was so excited for this phone but now i am turning against it slowly because.. This phone hangs and restarts often. PUBG is the main reason i bought this phone but now its been only run pubg on mobile data ... I have 40MBPS connection wifi but whenever i try playing pubg.. on wifi it always shows no response from server... If by any chance i manage to get in to a game... Game lags is so high... that i cant play game. I tried reinstalling PUBG .. i tried format phone 2 times... I tried resetting my wifi router but Hell this phone doesn't allow me play pubg...
Any solution or should Hammer and garbage this beautiful Paper weight.

Hall of Fame III
Have you tried on another WiFi? Maybe your router doesn't like your ROG Phone 2 for some reason?

Thank you so much for reply sir. Actually I have not tried other wifi but, onsame network.. my other device Google pixel xl and Samsung note 8 are working like normal.. no issue with network or ping in Pubg

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I expected you to say that but I still want to rule out any incompatibility between the phone and your wifi so we know where to look

No there has been no issue since 1 month and now it has arise.... Mean while my other phones are working normally on same wifi network. .. i am really frustrated. Kindly help