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Poor service by Asus Service Centre, Penang Malaysia

Star I
hello guys. just want to share my bad experience with asus service centre here in Penang Malaysia. ill state the problems i have.
on august, my phone start restarting itself so many times in a week.after i tried to troubleshoot by using all the information from this site and nothing positive thing happen. still got warranty till 16 october i decided to send it to service centre via asus dealer here as no service centre available within my area. wait for more than 1 month, already emailed to asus Malaysia and got no sparepart available at the moment replied by 1 of the staff which prove that lot of asus rog phone here got the same problems till asus got sparepart shortage issues. yesterday i got a phone called which tell me my phone is fix and ready to be collect. i went to the dealer, im kinda happy to see my phone again after more than 1 month waiting. after 5 minutes doing visual inspection. i found 2 more problems. the led lighting rog logo on the back wont light up and many dust particle in the inner of my back camera. both camera to be precise. this is unacceptable aftersale service by an international brand. before i sent it, it was fine just the restart issue. now it has more issues. damn it. i felt cheated buy asus and my money was a ripped off by asus. now i have to send it back. do you guys feel what i felt. just to received non fully working phone and have to wait more and my waranty will be expired soon. what a waste of money to buy asus product. this is the first product of asus i get my hands on. and this experienced was a nightmare. what problems will be add after this? asus, you got 1 job and you messed it up pretty well. dear asus, do i and other costumer have to spend another money to buy spare phone if buying your product? please warn them to buy another backup devices if they ever want to buy another devices from you.
*silly asus