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New update WW_17.0230.2004.60 available!

Zen Master I
Version: WW_17.0230.2004.60
Model: ROG Phone II (ZS660KL)
Release Date: 05/13/2020

1. Enabled randomized MAC feature for WIFI connections
2. Fixed issue where occasionally video playback would freeze
3. Fixed issue causing sound value reverting to default when user insert a headset, adjust the bass value in AudioWizard and answering a call.
4. Fixed the issue where the screen refresh rate in Quick settings is not grayed out when opening a game app
5. Fixed issue where app would crash if user press the back key when replying email with GMail in tablet mode with DT Dock
6. Fixed video search issue on Game Genie
7. Fixed APP Lock function issue
8. Fixed Settings crash issue in French localization
9. Fixed occasional splash screen issue

Rising Star II

It's all based on your phones serial number or something along those lines - They mentioned it in some other post. Don't know if they push randomly or not. Sometimes I go more than a week without seeing the updates. So I just do it manually by going here. ROG Phone II | Gaming Phone | ASUS USA

This update happened almost instantly after I saw someone post it. I restarted my phone and it popped up.

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I restarted my phone only after downloaded the manual update. If I did it before maybe I got a chance to update OTA. But, since I live in Brazil, these updates take a looong time to appear in my device...

Rising Star II
One Man

They are not Fixing bug yet 😂 u sad because of they r not adding ur suggestions lol

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Even my report as well didn't add on fix.
Navigation gesture sidebar remove not 3rd party navigation gesture.

This is the 3rd Android 10 update, but Still
1.Battery Backup Issue, Heating issue not resolved. Compared to Android pie battery backup is very less
2. Gesture Navigation support for 3rd party launchers not provided. Atleast update crappy asus launcher so that we can adjust size of icons, row & column etc
3. While using Bluetooth headset can't took videos in default camera App. Also Phone getting restarted most of the time after a phone call using bluetooth headset
4. Phone performance reduces ( lagging) after 30mins usage.. No problem in android pie though..
5. Phone reboots randomly for no reason
6. Phone Idle battery drain is not resolved.

Star I

I did manual update from the link shared in above post.

Yesterday my screen got frozen for 15 sec. Here is the video:

I will keep updating of it happens again.

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Same happened to me but it was 20 min long