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New update 17.0240.2007.27

Zen Master I
Updated Android security patch
Improved the stability of FOTA progress
Enabled VoLTE and VoWiFi onTelia (Norway, Sweden and Finland)
Improved System stability
Fixed the Hebrew text is set and the text is cut off on the screen
Improved the screen recorder echo issue when device is connected to a headset
Fixed issue with 3rd party launchers and Armoury Crate
Fixed issue where media audio disappears over bluetooth with certain music apps


Star I
Po tej aktualizacji w moim telefonie przestał działać poprawnie aparat główny.

Star I
Telefon grzeje się i aparat fiksuje.

Star I
Hello, I also can't update via FOTA service from 17.0240.2004.9, is this issue being worked on?

Star III
Phone charging slow after this update.

Star I
Any new update??? After this update my wifi sometimes doesnt support DNS. I already tell it to my isp provider and we already change the modem and port but still some of my games not connecting... Theres something buggy in my DNS after this update and do some modifiying wifi setting but its still the same.. hoping it will fix in next update...