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Dock Station Not Working

I have purchased the dock station today but i'm unable to get it working. I plugged the dock with the original power adapter that came with the phone 30w and the original USB Type C cable that came along with the phone (Tencent Edition). The lights on the dock doesn't power up at all.
My phones firmware: WW_16.0631.1910.44_0
And help guys as it's driving me nuts.

Many thanks.

Maybe this would help, when I dock my phone I get the following pop up on my phone:
" For Mobile Desktop Dock to function smoothly, please use ROG Phone's power adapter "; tho i'm using both the cable and the power supply provided with the phone bought originally.

Community Legend III
@ahmad.a.alblooshi I see you are running WW firmware with a Tencent edition ROG II. (It does say Tencent on the back of the phone?) This is not a supported configuration and we cannot guarantee the functionality of this combination. Please get in touch with your reseller.
Check this thread for more information on the subject: