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Charging port is burn to hot

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what is spec original asus cable type -C ? i'm charge it with asus original adapter ,but another cable type-C also , but it noticed to pull out the charger and it to hot.. why ? did rog phone does not support other type-C cable than the original ? help..i am new about this..did there also have another brand cable same type asus original cable ? iam purpose to long cable for gaming

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So if I understand this correctly. Your phone port heats up when charging with a 3th party usb type-c cable and does not heat up with the OEM Asus type-c cable.
If that is correct then your 3th party type-c cable might be broken or it is bad quality.
I use a charger and 2.5m cable from baseus without issues.
However, it is always better to use an original Asus charger and cable.

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How did you charge your phone ? From what % and to what % ? If you are going to hyper charge from 20% or lower to 80% it might get a little hot...
Asus cable if I remember correctly is rated 3A and 30W...if you got a cable that can't support that then maybe that might be a problem too ?

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I'm facing same issue in rog phone 2

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USB Temperature Warning. Side charging point is working properly but USB main side too hot for a very few second it look like the cable pin will burn. Service centre too far and also lock down problems, please help regarding this issue.