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Charging issue

I'm facing issue with my Rog 2, my phone is not charging fast
1. I'm using 18w charger come with the phone to charge
2. I have used Xiaomi 2i power bank with 18w output to charge my phone (still not working)
3. When i restart the phone battery goes down 36% to 29%
4. On charging when i restart the phone it goes 8% to 13% 
5. I'm facing this problem from the 2-3 days
6. Double plus sign on battery icon as well as fast charging text on home screen is also not showing while charging 
7. I have try both usb port for charging still same
8. On charging says 10 hours to charge 100%

What is the issue please help anyone

Please help me. Only 1 month of purchase of phone showing this problem

Rising Star II
Hmm. Feel bad. Did you try by changing your ASUS charger cable? Did you use your Asus charger cable in power bank as well? if yes, try with new cable if you have.
Or, You can try reach out ASUS support/Service center near you. Look out for support option in ASUS page.

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Did you try factory reset?

Hall of Fame III
The two most common reasons why your phone won't fast charge is either because it's too warm or that the cable is damaged.
I recommend to buy/borrow a high quality cable that you can test with before you contact ASUS Support.
Point 3 and 4 is new to me. Does this happen every time you restart?