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Battery life

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I remember that after one update, users report a problem with too fast battery discharge. Asus has released updates but this problem has not been fully fixed. The battery continues to discharge quickly and I will give you a specific example here.
Me and my girlfriend started playing pubg mobile with a full battery.
She was playing on OnePlus Pro 8 with the following settings:
120hz screen, QHD resolution 3168x1440, brightness 100% battery capacity is 4500
My settings was: screen 90hz resolution FHD+, battery 6000
We both played in full screen brightness.
I also noticed that during normal use of the phone, it also discharges quickly, problems appeared after the first broken update, people reported massively about battery problems!
When we finish after 2h her battery was 50%, on my phone was 27%
I used lower settings, the capacity of my battery is 1500 more and when I finish the game was only 27% !!!
When I write this text my phone use 6% battery! in few minutes!
Asus releasing a gaming phones with very little support!


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I don't want A10 give update of A9 make A9 stable I don't want A10.

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You can just downgrade to A9 bro, there's a guide here on zentalk just search.

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Hi all,

I also seem to be experiencing increased battery drain. I also noticed the first ten percent (from 100 percent to 90 percent) drains so fast with normal use (like web browsing).

Battery usage claims the screen is draining the battery the most but I always keep the brightness on low and I use dark mode to prevent high contrast which can drain the battery faster.

Otherwise still happy with the phone, but any advice is appreciated. (I wish I could replace the battery in the future, but I don't think there's a service avail in the UK to do this.... If there is, does anyone know how much it will cost? I bought my phone in the UK, so hopefully the UK service centres may be able to help, if any mods can confirm?)

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Same Bruh
My battery also Sucks
although its been a year since I'm using this phone
its also means
my battery life reduces after time
same goes for every device
u can't expect same battery experience as u bought the phone
Asus Its worst
I don't why
its battery sucks .. I constantly Charging my phone while I'm playing
without charging i just play 100%=2hrs😭

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If you want to find out if your current battery drain is because of software or hardware, the best way to do that is to downgrade to A9. Then you install just the game and preferably nothing else. Play for hours and compare to what you used to have with the same settings.
If the battery life has improved, then update to latest FW and try again, without adding any extra software. If the battery remain about the same (a little lower is ok) then you know it was because of some app you had installed.
If the battery is still bad with A9, then your battery has worn out and needs to be replaced.