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Battery Backup

Rising Star I
Hello Guys
Checkout my battery life
I'm always use my phone on 60hz (always)
Brightness - 20-30 % most of time
GPS - Most of time off

is this Supposed to be a good battery life
I usually charge my phone 2 times a day from 0 to 100% both times 🥺

Please share Your device battery life 🙂


Rising Star II

I gotta say, battery life is very bad after A11 update. Definitely needs optimization.

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Screen is using lots of battery than it should. Asus should also include auto refresh rate in display menu @Gustav_ASUS

Rising Star II

I think it may be due to battery life

I'm using this phone for 2.5 years and every battery have a recharge cycle

I'm completely sure i charged almost 1k times in this time span

So it survived that much

That's enough

I will change my battery and use this phone

2 years more 🙂 just for normal usage like whatsapp Instagram

If i try gaming phone restart

That's due to thermals have done their job

Just crossing 44-45°C it restarts

So use as a normal day2day device 🙂

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I know its been 2 years but battery life just doesn't change drastically just in 3 days after the update. I started getting bad battery life right after A11.