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Bad Experience with Service Center

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Hello, I was having display blackout, auto restart problem with my Asus ROG phone 2.
I visited Ahmednagar Service Center, they sent device to Bangalore for repairing and ETA was 15 days, I received after 17th day.
I checked the device, everything is working fine BUT "vibration" is not at all working not working.
Didn't expected this simple mistake from offical Asus service center.
I don't want to give my device again for repairing as it will obviously take around 15 - 20 days more.
Worst Experience Ever

Really sorry for the experience. Again, the only solution here would be to take your details and share with my team to look closely.

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Is there any commitment that the device will be fixed within a day?
Air trigger vibration work fine but the issue is only with the device vibration.
Message me on inbox will share the details.

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Guess what.
I am facing the same display blackout after Service Center repair.
I started playing Games like Wild Rift and Pubg, within 30 mins the temp is 40° and the display is blackout.
Officials suggested earlier to visit service center for repair, I did and here we are again.
Someone please look into this issue as it took around 16 17 days for repair and the issue is same.
Not Expected that it will happen within a single day.
What to do now Officials please suggest?