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Android 10 update

It has many bugs in these new A10 update and i am writing which i suffered in these few days after updated. I have 8 gb varient.
1) it's heating when we charge it either we turn on mobile data on or not it's getting heat.
2) back button gestures are not working properly in some cases and apps.
3) Applications crases occurred more than earlier.
4) I think power consumption increased.
5) Jio fi is not working in this update like u can't connect the jio 4g voice app with the jiofi. You can only able to use data with this.
6) It has no update but still it's showing there is an update i attached the ss
7) Developer options last 3 not working properly. Which is theming options. It's not changing anything.


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Please backup your data and factory reset your device. This is the best solution to your issues. A lot of users needs to do this when updating from one android version to another. The reason for this is that one or several bugs can occur during the update process. It will be different for everyone depending on which settings and apps you were using in Android 9, this is why we haven't caught those bugs.