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Air trigger squeeze functions after latest update

Star I
Hello, After the latest FOTA update when playing games the air trigger squeeze functions get automatically activated during the game. There needs to be an option to turn that off as it becomes extremely disturbing in the middle of the game.
For example if I am playing PubG Mobile and I have set Short Squeeze to screenshot I dont want screenshots when I am actually just using the air trigger to shoot thus disturbing my game play due to the screen freeze

Community Legend III
This should be fixed with the new firmware update that dropped yesterday:

Star II
that you have solved your problme dude?

Star I
Right air trigger can be touch on the backside body, its annoying,
and left air trigger ploblem is when I touch and hold it, its sometimes become multi tap, so when I play game I want to realase the scope and running to the house but its scoping again and I die because of it.