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What are your experiences with the zenfones?

Star I

I was thinking of buying the ROG 8 pro since it still had headphone jack, Ip68 and a large screen.

But with the leaks for the 11 ultra, it having a glass back, IP68 and coming in more colors tilts me towards getting one instead of the ROG. Also, since I realized I don't need all the gaming features it wouldn't be so much of a trade-off.

The main thing always stopping me from buying a Zenfone was the size, since I like big phones.

How are the Zenfones treating you after all this time? I don't mind the 2-years of software updates that much, I've had phones like that before.

And if it is announced on March 14, when do you guys estimate it'll be available for purchase in the US? I don't want to get an international version since I want to ensure compatibility with my carrier mint.


Rising Star I

Read all threads below yours. You will find enough information to make an informed decision to skip this phone.

Good luck.

Star III

Hi, you can do, what you want, if you have enough money :money_bag:, you can buy both.