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Update 34.1420.1420.387!

Star III



After updating to the latest firmware as of this writing I can still feel my phone that its hot compared to the previous update. Also tried the AI Wallpaper, in my opinion it's a waste of space for this feature 2GB+. There is no "WOW FACTOR", it's dull and boring(see screenshot sample below) rather than giving us a useless feature why not prioritize what really matters. Address the main issues of the customers

NOTE: This is already in "Ultra durable" but the temperature is still high




Before the update it's 33C only but after the update it spiked to 39C

Hmm interesting, i wonder what your room temperature is. A warmer room means the device will easy heat up. Or do you have alot of background apps running like Facebook. Found out that facebook installed so many bloatware services that are not even needed and the app is for no reason always almost 1 GB.

Room temp would be about 32-34C Since I'm always facing the fan , so it's just weird that after updating you would feel the back of your phone heating up and I wasn't even playing.

I don't have much installed on this phone since this will be my new Gaming Phone and the system will show if you also have other apps running in background here, which there wasn't any during that time. 


So now I'm just currently observing the phone's performance, if there would be any other issue popping up

32c is pretty warm in your room so the the device will run alot warmer then normal. But you said after the update so maybe there is something going on. I think there was someone else mention it about the device is running warmer.

Yeah, We're all in this together, hopefully we get an update that would resolve all our problems if not... At least one at a time