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ROG Tagline - ROG = Republic of Gamers.

Rising Star II

Dear Asus the ultimate thing what i saw is your tagline.

ROG - Republic of Gamers.

And after Launching ROG Phone 8 Pro.

You just think is this tagline really suits to you.

Every Gamer in this forum hate this expensive Phone cause this Phone is not suitable for 10% for gaming.

Change your tagline now from ROG to BOG.

Start using this tagline 

BOG- Bugs of Gamers.

No gamer will buy this much expensive ROG Phone series in future after experiencing such scenario from ROG 8.

Cause this series has some serious problems to every years device like ROG 5 has wifi issue 6 has Display problem 7 has other issues of frame drop and 8 is the complete failure for gamers.

Stop fooling to people by charging too much money.

BOG - Bugs of Gamers



Star I

Since i have update last versioni notice from my rog 8 pro earpiece speaker like this sound 

( Espcially plz listen carefully from 0:21 to 0:25)

Like speaker vibration or cracking ( i dont know )

What is that dude 


Before I sold ROG 8 to someone else, but I secretly didn't tell them. 😅

I faced a similar problem. But it's that the bottom speaker crackles when I turn the volume up to more than 50%-60%.

I have sent your video to the devs so that they can hear it, thanks!

Dude , i thought im the only one who face this problem , hope they fix it soon , i got crackling bottom speaker too , it happens sometimes not everytime tho