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Rog 8 pro limitations, new Rog user

Star III

I received the Rog phone 8 yesterday. I like the phone so far.

I found the following limitations that I hope they can be fixed:

1) The always-on-display is usually extremely dim, and there is no way to control it.

2) The phone has no dual-clock on the lock screen

3) The fingerprint animation does not show with always-on-display most of the time

4) Huge lack of widgets compared to other phones

5) The lock screen cannot be customized with a degree of freedom

6) Since a long press on recent apps and home navigation buttons is assigned to some functionality, why can we now make it more flexible and make the long press for the three navigation buttons customizable? I am not a fan of gesture navigation.

Still exploring, and will update more soon




Rising Star I

I am not sure about the rest of the points, but at the very least for number 4) I mainly use widgets from otehr apps. Even more I use an app called KWGT that has and can create custom widgets, I have one with battery temperature info, last time since charged, weather, day of the year, date, time and such. And you can Even make it so that touching each text opens a different app. And you can make it in any shape you want, as well as make it any color or even automatically adapt to the color of your background.

Star II

Hi , have faced similar issues, but i guess the always on display feature can be customised to different colors and that helps in making it bright than usual in day time. The auto brightness adjustment needs to be de-activated for it to be bright enough at times.


Hi and thanks for the suggestions, will be forwarding these to the dev team

The most important fix should be for the dim AOD when a new notification is received. This bug is historic when I read previous posts. Thanks