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Armory Crate is Running in background

Star III

Hi curious question,is there a way to remove this? Me and my partner bought the same phone but noticed with the battery with her unit which drains faster than my phone


1000003285.jpgI compared my phone to my partner but that doesn't happen to me. 


Rising Star II

Ah that was something about the AnimeMe vision but toggle it off in Amory crate and re enable it should fix it.

Got that bug to when they added the new friend thing to unlock more. But now its gone for me. You can also try disable other thing like music and enable it again to see if it still stays there.

We tried your suggestion but still didn't disappeared so I compared also my settings  which is "Optimized"(My Phone no issues and it's default) it will disappear if you put it to "Restricted" but goes back when set to "Optimized". I'm open for suggestions on what else I can do


Have you tried clearing the cache of Armoury Crate?

You can do this by longpressing the app > App info > Storage & cache > Clear cache

Hi Mattias, We tried that as instructed but issue still occurs.