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What a joke, Android 14 hasn't been fixed for such a long time.

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I will think twice before buying any ASUS product 😡


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What does the router have to do with android 14 bro?

Nothing but it is the whole situation that makes me don't trust ASUS anymore.  For many days we didn't have any information from them

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still waiting to be fixed

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I received information from the customer service of my home country:

"Hi, I just received some additional information from a higher level. The RD analysis of the log found that the GPU scores are about half of what is expected for normal gaming performance. This may be due to the screen recorder being enabled, as RD can reproduce the same issue after the screen recorder is enabled. Do you have screen recording enabled, if so could you try turning it off or vice versa. That way we would find out if the problem is caused by screen recording."