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The hope to revert back to Android 13

Rising Star I

I don't know how anymore, when updating to the latest version, the battery suddenly drains quickly. Just a few minutes after being left unused, it drops by 3%. Then, while in-game, there are unpleasant frame drops, dropping to 30 fps within seconds, an example is the game I play, MLBB. Additionally, apps frequently exit on their own, such as WhatsApp. We hope to revert to the previous version, Android 13, as there are numerous bugs in Android 14. I have already explained issues regarding the appearance of the The initial display of Armoury Crate that is not present in the MLBB game, LED notifications strangely, overheating, battery drainage, and FPS drops, The game runs at 120 fps, but the screen is at a brightness of 165 Hz, even though it's set to use automatic refresh rate.

Can we revert back to Android version 13 in the system update settings ?


Rising Star II

Hi again ,

Check out the following link. Apps crash is fixed.