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Sound Rog Phone 7

Star I

Hello everyone. On my phone, the volume of the upper (left) speaker is higher than the lower (right) one . The voice and bass are louder in the left than in the right.When performing the SMMI test in stereo mode, on the contrary, the lower (right) is louder than the upper (left).When performing the SMMI test in mono mode, the upper (left) is louder than the lower (right).The phone was bought a week ago. Did not fall, did not wet.Version 33.0820.0810.121.Adjusted all settings - nothing helped. Maybe someone knows please help.


Star III

Did you update to the latest version ? 

No. Now I have 33.0820.0810.121 If it is necessary, give a link how to do it correctly?

Mine already at September patch .225, make sure to check under settings - system - system update. If problem persist even after updating its time to visit service centre.