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Perfect Condition Rog phone 7 sudden LCD Damage

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Today i am using my phone as usual to play mobile games, the phone is in great condition as i just bought it about 4 months ago. No physical damage, no water damage , no scratches , no cracks,no dent, never fall, always use original charger, never over heat, never plugged to laptop/pc. But suddenly the lcd screen goes blank ( i thought that i mispress the lock screen) but then i tried opening it using the lock screen side button and a flash of green white screen (below 1 second) happens. I search in google for any solution for this problem and got nothing. I suspected this is a software problem but it looks very similiar to LCD Damage. Anyone here have any idea? I still have warranty , what should i do... i read at the warranty book about the lcd is weak and they wont compensate about it if there is dead pixel. Is this it guys?


Star II


I bring it to official service centre

They say this is because of the fault of the LCD TFT (i dont know what this means) . They say this TFT is very easy to break with normal usage pressure. And too bad this is out of warranty, because in the warranty it says LCD TFT defect wont get warranty. So i guess this is my good bye to ASUS Product ....


I have forwarded the information to the relevant department.
We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

By the help of sir Falcon, my phone today is fixed without paying anything at all. Very awesome and makes me believe that Asus care is 10/10. Thankyou sir falcon for the help, it means a lot for me